HarmonyCR’s experience includes both in-house projects that were managed by HarmonyCR and experience gained by our employees under direct responsibility of external companies, either while being employed by HarmonyCR or during previous jobs. We have a highly educated, trilingual, versatile, dedicated, experienced, and stable team, with very low staff turnover.

Since our foundation, we have offered clinical services in many projects, both as full-service projects and modular/stand-alone services. We have worked in all trial phases and with different types of trial products (IMPs, medical devices, food products, and micronutrients). While covering all clinical phases, our primary focus for full-service projects has been on early phase (I/II – in healthy volunteers and patients) and vaccine trials.

Distribution of HarmonyCR projects across clinical trial phases

Distribution of HarmonyCR projects across therapeutic areas

At HarmonyCR, we can serve most European countries, as well as the USA and Canada. Overall trial project management is always done from HarmonyCR’s office in Belgium. Our core countries are Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Depending on location and frequency of site visits, we can also serve parts of the adjacent countries. For regulatory and monitoring services outside of this region, we work with carefully selected local CRO partners.

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